If you want people to listen to what you say, talk their language  

In 1971, Dr. Taibi Kahler saw a PROCESS, by which people interacted with one another both in positive and negative ways. By listening to these ‘identifiable sequence’ Dr. Kahler could predict how a person would behave under different levels of stress. Subsequent research showed that each of the speech and behaviour patterns is unique to one of six specific personality types.

For this discovery, the International Transactional Analysis Association awarded Dr. Kahler the 1977 Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award - given for the most significant scientific discovery in this field of psychology.

Dr. Kahler also created the Personality Pattern Inventory, a statistically validated psychometric assessment that identifies one’s personality trait and structure.  It gives you clues to identify different behavioural patterns people show when they are in distress and offers intervention strategies to turn negative behaviours back to positive communication. 

Since 1978, PCM methodologies have been used at NASA for the selection and team training of astronauts, and have been taught to and used by a former US President, Fortune 500 CEOs , universities and schools , psychologists and government agencies around the world.

The key benefits of PCM can be applied almost anywhere: improve communication with others, manage your own stress and manage stress in others.

Our Courses: Profiles & Seminars
We offer PCM® seminars uniquely tailored to job functions or to industry application such as education, parenting or counselling.  Our training ranges from the standard 3-days core topic to 2 or 1 day training.

Our PCM Profiles include:
  • Kahler Key to Me Profile
  • Kahler Key to Me for Educators Profile
  • Kahler Key for Students Profile
  • Kahler Key to Mentoring Kids Profile
  • Kahler Key to Parenting Kids Profile
Our PCM Seminars with Profiles

Training Method
Only a trainer certified by Kahler Communications Inc. or one of its authorized licensees can teach PCM® seminars. For more information on PCM, visit www.kahlercommunications.com

  Client Lists  

Organizations that have received PCM training include DataStream Technology, and Jerudong Park Medical Centre, both from Brunei.

Organizations that have participated in our public course on PCM include AVMS, Bank Negara Malaysia, Canon Marketing, Cyberview, Dagang Net Technologies, International Medical University, NutriPlus, Magnum 4D, OMG Chemical, Perdana Parkcity, PETRONAS Leadership Centre, PETRONAS CariGali, SIMEKubota, Taylor’s University, TNB Integrated Solution, UUM, Sintok and UTM Shah Alam
  Testimonials from participants  
  • Very useful. I learnt some new things about myself & have new tools & skills that can be applied immediately.
    Ridzuan Jaafar, HR Manager, Cyberview
  • I now understand how people behaved when in distress.
    - Mustaffa Morad, Procurement Manager, Bank Negara Malaysia
  • … has opened my eyes on how to deal with specific individuals & address their needs. With these new information, I am able to reduce my stress levels when I can’t seem to get through them.
    - RK Pany, Finance Director, Perdana ParkCity
  • ‘Pleasant experience when knowing how communication is influenced very much by our personality.
    - Salwani Kamal, Head of Management Training, TNB Integrated Learning Solution
  • An eye opener. It helps me apply the right approach when dealing with my staff.
    - Dr Mohd Abdul Ghani, MD, Jerudong Park Medical Centre, Brunei
  • Know how to resolve 2nd degree distress & help those who are in distress.
    - Liew YZ, Chemist, OMG Chemicals, Sarawak
  Testimonials from world leaders  
  • Former President Bill Clinton:
    Taibi Kahler is a genius. He knows more about personality dynamics than anyone I know in the world. A good friend and helpful advisor…there are many out there who would benefit from his expertise
  • Senator Hillary Clinton:
    PCM provides a framework for evaluating the information one wishes to communicate and the best means for doing so with various recipients of that information. I appreciate Taibi taking time to provide special seminar for us and look forward to many years of making use of what I have learned.
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