Employee turnover is the silent killer of workplace productivity. When good employees leave, you suffer hits to productivity, morale, and institutional knowledge - not to mention the hard dollar costs of finding and training new talent.

From this practical workshop, you'll learn what it takes to not only co-exist with difficult employees, bosses, and co-workers, but to also understand, identify and deal effectively with their impossible behaviors.

This two (2) day training course will equip you with tools needed to combat turnover and create an environment where your best employees will thrive. You will know what your high performers value –and don't value and how you can deliver this. You will use proven methods to increase employee engagement and discover the management styles that help (and hurt) morale.
Whilst, this training is specifically designed for individuals intending to improve their people management skills, it is also relevant to Head of Departments, HR managers, functional managers and supervisors, team leaders, supervisors and unit coordinators.

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