Did you know that most companies lose 10%-40% of their customers each year? Or that a complaining customer can be much more valuable than a non complainer? Or that recovered customers can be worth as much as 10 times more than new customers? It is alarming that most companies don't know how to identify the high percentages of their customers who are at risk and may defect. Despite the headline, complaints management is serious business.

In this two (2) day course, participants will learn how to handle difficult or angry customers. They will appreciate the importance of conducting 'on-theā€“spot' service as well as to identify ways customer say good-bye. A clear understanding why customers become angry and identifying which customers are worth saving. We will study how organizations keep their customers and the effort that is needed to win back lost customers.
This course is designed for managers, heads of service operations, credit card and call center team leaders and those who are involved in complaint handling and service recovery programs for their organizations.

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